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Favorite REI gear that more people should buy

What is your favorite REI/Co-op brand items that you think more people should be buying?

5 Replies

Hey @TennesseeJed, thanks for your question!

I don’t really know what gear people should be buying more, but here are my top 3 pieces of REI gear that I recommend all the time!

1. REI Co-op Flash Air Hammock

I’ve taken this car camping as well as long-distance hiking. While on a section of the PCT, I lucked out and only had to use the rainfly once but the bug net came in handy literally every night. It’s light-weight too!

2. REI Trail 40

I’ve used this pack for long-distance hikes and traveling as a carry-on. For me, the room in the main compartment combined with the pockets was just right for trail and travel.

3. REI Co-op Expandable Packing Cube Set

These totally stepped up my organization game while traveling, I should’ve gotten them much sooner. Plus, when you’re not travelling, they pack down to almost nothing so they’re very easy to store.

Hope this helps!

Hey @TennesseeJed !  I second what James said about packing cubes, I LOVE them and wish I had started using them earlier.

I also recommend the REI Co-Op Flexlite Chairs, because who doesn't want a comfortable place to sit after a long day!

REI has some really awesome tents.  For lightweight the new Quarter Dome SL 2 is a great option.  If family/car camping is more your speed I have been super happy with my Kingdom 6!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@TennesseeJed thanks for this question! On long drives with friends, when we're bored/tired, we often play this game - talk about your top 5 favorite pieces of gear...nerdy side effect of working at the co-op I suppose!

Right now, my favorite pieces of co-op gear:

  1. The REI Screen House - we put this over our picnic table at our campsite and then have a protected area to hang out in, play cards, listen to music, away from the bugs!
  2. A third vote for the REI Packing Cubes - I used them for the first time last year on a trip to Croatia and they helped so much with organization and space!
  3. My REI Kingdom 4 tent, although I wish I'd gone bigger with the 6...I love being able to stand up fully inside the tent and have room to spread out with a dog and a 5 year old!

Again, thanks for asking such a fun question for us to answer!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

This is my favorite REI item!  I use it year around for so many things like hanging in the garage with the neighbors in the summer or a small work table to hold bike parts while I work on bike sin the basement.  Oh yeah and I use it camping!


REI CO-OP camp-roll-table

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@TennesseeJed I love this question!!  My favorite REI gear lately are: 

  • REI Flash 22 Pack.  I have used this pack for travel, day hikes as well as my climbing gear gym bag.  I love how light it is and I love the two zipper pockets on it for keys and the items that you absolutely can't lose.  The two stretchy panels on the sides are good for water bottles or stinky climbing shoes that need to air out...
  • REI Flexlite Air Chair.  It's so light and compact!!  It's also quite comfortable!  I was concerned it might be tippy on uneven ground or softer soil, but I had no issues after using it for a week at a beach campsite.
At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.