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Camelbak Eddy making funny noises by 3 year old

Hi there.  I'm wondering if I'm the only person with this question but I thought I'd ask. 

Does anyone have a solution to the funny bubbling straw sound that the Camelbak Eddy makes when my 3 year old uses it? I've tried replacing the straw and valve, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.  I also tried to make sure the valve is open all the way (instead of partially shut) when she drinks and it still makes a funny bubble/gurgle sound.  Any solution for this other than a new water bottle? Thanks!

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In my experience I've always had a little bit of a gurgling sound with the Eddy bottle (and some others as well). My guess is that it is a compromise that gets made to ensure that water doesn't leak out when it gets tipped over. Although it might seem a bit obvious, that gurgling noise is caused by air getting into the system somewhere along the line. If you've replaced the straw and valve and are making sure it's open all the way, there are a couple of other spots I would check.

The first thing I would do is remove the lid from the bottle section and see if the sound happens when you try to use the straw not connected to the bottle (probably best for you to perform this and not your toddler!:) ). There is a gasket between the lid and the bottle and that may have come loose.

Secondly I'd remove the straw from the lid and do the same. There is that small hole to allow air into the system on the lid and that could be the issue. Sometimes just giving that vent a poke with a needle might set it back into place.

Hopefully this helps, good luck!


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Thank you SOOO much for such a fantastic reply, @REI-JohnJ 

I’ll definitely try these suggestions and I thank you for giving a couple different options to try!  I’m always a fan of fixing something rather than heading out and getting a replacement!