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Special Hangers for Sleeping Bags?

We are a family of 3 (two adults, one 9 year old) and we have 4 sleeping bags (2 poly-filled, 2 older down-filled). Whenever we come back from a camping trip, I want to get the bags up and aired out, but usually resign to just laying them open on the floor for a week, then putting them back in the loose storage bags.

I am very intrigued by REI's mummy-specific hangers with the circle at the top but can't seem to find them anywhere for purchase. Where do you get them? Any leads or ideas?

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@tony Airing out your sleeping bag is a smart idea! If you Google half moon hangers it will pull up some options for you.They are different than the hangers you will see in our stores but you should still find something that meet your needs.

Another thing you might want to think about is buy some sleeping bag liners. They help to reduces odor and prevent some of your bodies oils, sweat, and dirt from contacting the inside of the bag. This increases the longevity of the bag. I went with this option because it is way easier to wash a liner than your sleeping bag.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the hoop hanger idea, but I think those hangers might not work for the two older style down bags that I have. None of the bags I have have loops at the bottom either.

I really like the liner that I have. I need to get two more for my wife and daughter.


if you're really careful, you can attach loops to the bags yourself! just find a strong part of the seam and a couple of pieces of cloth ribbon and hand-stitch them in.

a folding clothes rack works pretty well (there's a few styles, but one that might be best for this is something like this), air out for a few days and then put them back in their storage bags. sleeping bags are gonna take up a lot of room to air out no matter what you do, though.


This may be too plain: I just put panel nails (15 gauge, 1 5/8") into the ceiling beam in my garage and hang the sleeping bag using its loop.  See pictures.


I'd love to do this, but with a small house and four sleeping bags to air out, it would take up a lot of room in our basement. Do you do this temporarily, then put it into a large cloth/mesh sack?


After a camping trip, I hang the sleeping bags (2) for a day or two, and they do dry quickly.  Afterward, I keep one bag (unstuffed) inside a roomy plastic tub; the other bag, I keep it (also unstuffed) inside a luggage, which I have to store it anyway and so use the volume inside for something else.

@rabbitfeet had a good suggestion (below) to add your own loop with a ribbon or cord.  The needle work is do-able.  I would open up 3 or 4 stitches at a seam, insert a cord loop, and then stitch it back up following the original stitching.  A dry-cleaner/alteration place can do it for you, also.