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Recommendation: Best JetBoil for Backpacking

trying to decide best Jetboil for my use. Backpacker

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@tpratt Thanks for reaching out!

A Jetboil is a great stove option for backpacking. They make several different models that work for different styles and conditions. Would you be willing to give us some more information about you as a backpacker to help us make a recommendation?

Some questions to consider:

  • Are you cooking for only yourself, or for a group?
  • Are you looking only to heat up water for dehydrated meals, or are you planning on cooking other food as well?
  • Are you planning on backpacking in 4 seasons, namely cold weather, or at high elevations?

With some of this information we'll be able to narrow down the choices and provide a solution that best meets your needs.


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

3 season solo, multiple days (up to 10), boiling water & meals


Assuming 3 season solo + 1 backpacking use it depends if you just want to boil water in which case the Zip (solo) or the Flash (for a larger pot for solo + 1 )  (I have an original model from 2004 still going strong which is sort of between those) or if you want to occasionally "cook" (eg ramen)  in which case the MiniMo (solo + 1) because it simmers and the the wider pot is easier stir and eat out of.  I bought one of these for a family member.  I would not get a Jetboil if you want to use other pots.  I tried the JetBoil 1.5L pot with the MiniMo and thought it was impractical.  The separate pot stand is too insecure.

JetBoils are a bit on the heavy and bulky side but they make up for it by convenience, good fuel economy and fast boil times.  However they are not that great in the wind so use in a sheltered spot and be aware that their piezo igniters may not work at altitude (eg 10000 feet in my experience but maybe lower)  which may not be a problem for you but take a mini BIC in any case.

I think there are better upright stoves than the MightyMo.

I am not an REI employee.