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Goals 750 ml pot and stove question

I purchased a Tokes 750 mL pot and used it with my MSR Pocket Rocket stove. The bottom of my pot on the inside looks burnt. Is the Pocket Rocket to powerful of a stove for this pot? Should I use a different one? 

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@PapaBob Thanks for reaching out!

The MSR Pocket Rocket should not be too powerful of a stove for your pot. The best way to prevent the inside of the pot from burning is to make sure there is always a little bit of water in the bottom when you are using it and you don't let the water boil off when the stove is on. Additionally, fill the pot with water before you put it on the stove and never put an empty pot back on a hot stove.

Believe it or not, it is possible to 'burn' water if there isn't enough in the pot to absorb the heat from the stove. I made this mistake once when adding snow to a hot and empty pot to melt for drinking water. All the water I had for the rest of the trip had a slight charred taste to it.

Hopefully this helps!

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just to clarify, were you cooking in it or just boiling water?  I have the same pot and so far so good.

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