Mint Snowboard Boots

$79.98 - $99.98 used
Color: Black
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Item Conditions

All used gear backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

  1. Excellent Condition Practically new; likely never worn outside.
  2. Lightly Worn Trail-tested a few times; minor wear visible.
  3. Moderately Worn Used for a season; visible wear.
  4. Well Worn Broken in; may have a missing part specified in item notes.


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The nitty gritty


  1. One of the softest most forgiving women's boot Burton makes the proven security is sure to keep you happy after hours of on-hill action
  2. Whether riding a few times a week or a few times a year a boot that keeps you warm is essential
  3. Sleeping Bag reflective foil defies cold weather by capturing and radiating your body heat back at you
  4. Speed Zone Lacing offers lightning fast lacing control while allowing you to customize the fit of the upper and lower zone in seconds
  5. Integrated liner lacing with an inner lace lock provides maximum support
  6. Dynolite outsoles deliver superior cushioning improved board feel and consistent support in a 20% lighter weight construction than other boots
  7. Outsoles are made entirely of an exclusive cushioning compound specially formulated to withstand repeated impacts and freezing temps for long-lasting shock absorption
  8. 1:1 soft flex tongues; tongues have an internal gusset construction to completely seal the lower zone of the boot keeping feet warm and dry
  9. Ride the heat-moldable liners right out of the box or shape them to your foot with the Burton EMU heat-molding system found at your local REI shop
  10. Level 1 molded EVA footbeds
  11. Women-specific Burton True Fit means that every element from boot liners to shell tongues has been designed and engineered for the way women ride
  12. Lifetime warranty

Technical Specs

  1. UpperPolyurethane/synthetic textile
  2. GenderWomen's
  3. Best UseSnowboarding
  4. Riding StyleAll-mountain
  5. Liner MaterialMultidensity EVA foam/synthetic textile
  6. Moldable LinerCustom Moldable
  7. Boot Lacing SystemQuick Pull
  8. Liner Lacing SystemQuick-lace
  9. Snowboard Boot FlexSoft Flex