Salt Water Hoodie


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    Item Conditions

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    1. Excellent Condition Practically new; likely never worn outside.
    2. Lightly Worn Trail-tested a few times; minor wear visible.
    3. Moderately Worn Used for a season; visible wear.
    4. Well Worn Broken in; may have a missing part specified in item notes.


    Product Features

    1. 1mm Hyperstretch neoprene fabric
    2. Adjustable hood with ponytail exit
    3. Zippered pocket at back
    4. UPF 50+ sun protection

    Technical Specs

    1. FabricNeoprene
    2. GenderWomen's
    3. Best UseWatersports
    4. Fabric TypeNeoprene / Neoprene Blend
    5. Shirt StyleZip-front
    6. Sleeve LengthLong Sleeve
    7. Zipper LocationFront