Pro Traction System

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Color: Black
Size: M
Condition:Excellent condition

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  1. For walkers, runners, hikers and other winter athletes, these strap easily to the bottom of your shoes, reducing the chance of falls
  2. Abrasion-resistant, hand-wound stainless-steel coils cover the bottom of your shoes to bite into packed snow and ice; increased spacing between coils prevents binding
  3. Yaktrax Pro offers 10 times the gripping points as any spike-based traction device
  4. Natural rubber is used to hold the devices together, giving them durability and strength
  5. Removable performance straps cross over insteps to help keep them in place during use
  6. Updated heel tabs and strands, outer bands and toe bridges work to provide a comfortable, secure fit; impact nubs improve durability in high-wear areas
  7. Easy to use, even in extreme cold—just hook over your shoe's toe and stretch over the sole

Technical Specs

  1. Weight6.4 ounces,7 ounces,7.2 ounces,5.76 ounces
  2. Best UseMultisport
  3. Weight (g)181,198,204,163
  4. Material(s)Rubber and steel