JoeBlow Elite Bike Floor Pump

Color: Yellow
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    Item Conditions

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    1. Excellent Condition Practically new; likely never worn outside.
    2. Lightly Worn Trail-tested a few times; minor wear visible.
    3. Moderately Worn Used for a season; visible wear.
    4. Well Worn Broken in; may have a missing part specified in item notes.


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    The nitty gritty


    1. Extra-long hose makes it easy to reach valve stems
    2. Top mounted analog gauge
    3. SmartHead fits Presta and Schrader valves
    4. Steel base and barrel

    Technical Specs

    1. Weight2 lbs. 12.2 oz.
    2. Best UseCycling
    3. Pump TypeFloor Pump
    4. Dimensions29 x 11 x 5.4 inches
    5. Weight (g)1250 grams
    6. Integrated GaugeYes
    7. Maximum Pressure (psi)160 pounds per square inch