Ra Climbing Shoes

$94.93 used$150 new
Color: White/Orange
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Condition:Excellent condition
Faint scuffs and scratches at outsoles.

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  1. Toe-in and smear with confidence thanks to the Vibram® XS Grip rubber
  2. Virtually stretch-free synthetic uppers are lined with cotton
  3. Mid-volume, mid-width last

Technical Specs

  1. LastSlip-lasted
  2. UpperSynthetic leather
  3. VeganYes
  4. GenderUnisex
  5. LiningCotton
  6. OutsoleVibram XS Grip rubber
  7. Best UseClimbing
  8. Weight (g)680
  9. Weight (Pair)1 lb. 8 oz.
  10. Can Be ResoledYes
  11. Footwear ClosureStrap
  12. Climbing Shoe TypeModerate
  13. Featured TechnologiesVibram