Sweet Protection

Interstellar RIG Reflect Snow Goggles

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Color: Amethyst/Matte Black
Condition:Excellent condition
Faint discoloration on lenses.

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  1. Impact-resistant 2.8 mm toric sculpted lens with proprietary RIG™ lens technology provides superior contrast, minimum color distortion and reduced eye fatigue
  2. Double lenses equipped with GORE® protective vents for pressure equalization prevents deformation of the inner lens due to variable atmospheric pressure
  3. ExcenterLock Lens change technology lets you secure the lens fastening without ever having to touch the lens
  4. Carbon fiber–reinforced and co-molded frame creates a rigid frame for the lens and secures optimal vision without distortions
  5. 100% UV protection
  6. Oleophobic and hydrophobic coating makes sure oil and water won't stick to the lens
  7. Special acetate antifog inner lens helps prevent fogging
  8. Includes a second lens to swap out in changing light conditions
  9. Fits flawlessly with all Sweet Protection freeride helmets to secure an optimal field of view

Technical Specs

  1. GenderUnisex
  2. Best UseSnowsports
  3. PolarizedNo
  4. Bridge FitStandard Bridge Fit
  5. Frame SizeMedium
  6. Lens ShapeSpherical
  7. PhotochromicNo
  8. UV Protection100 percent
  9. Helmet CompatibleYes
  10. Light Transmission4 / 35 percent,25 / 35 percent
  11. Interchangeable LensesYes
  12. Additional Lenses Included1