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Outside-In Reversible Hoodie - Men's

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Color: Black
Size: XXL
Condition:Moderately worn
Moderate discoloration on back.

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  1. Wearing the shell side next-to-body leads to faster evaporation, keeping you cooler when you're on the move
  2. If it gets colder and windier, flip it so the shell is outside, trapping more heat in the fleece for excellent warmth
  3. Adjustable hood
  4. Zippered hand and chest pockets
  5. Rib-knit hem and cuffs

Technical Specs

  1. HoodYes
  2. Fabric90% nylon/10% spandex
  3. GenderMen's
  4. Weight1 lb. 7 oz.
  5. Best UseTravel,Hiking
  6. Back LengthHip-length
  7. Fabric TypeNylon / Nylon Blend
  8. Lining FabricPolyester fleece
  9. Back Length (in.)29 inches