Duccio Sunglasses

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Color: Satin Black
Item Conditions

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  1. Excellent ConditionPractically new; likely never worn outside.
  2. Lightly WornTrail-tested a few times; minor wear visible.
  3. Moderately WornUsed for a season; visible wear.
  4. Well WornBroken in; may have a missing part specified in item notes.
Condition:Excellent condition
Used; Visible X mark on the case of sunglasses.
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The nitty gritty


  1. Polar PhD Trivex lenses offer 100% protection against harmful UV rays
  2. Polarized technology is integrated into select lenses for a clear more comfortable and efficient viewing experience
  3. Photochromic technology darken the lenses in bright sunlight and lighten them in overcast conditions
  4. Lightweight Trivex frame fronts paired with stainless steel temples
  5. Adjustable nose pads
  6. Fit: medium
  7. Rx compatible

Technical Specs

  1. GenderUnisex
  2. Best UseCasual
  3. Lens TintGreen
  4. PolarizedYes
  5. PhotochromicYes
  6. Lens MaterialPolycarbonate
  7. UV Protection100 percent
  8. Frame MaterialNylon
  9. Light Transmission9/21 percent