Veloce Climbing Shoes - Men's

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Color: Black/Yellow
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Minor discoloration and scuffs throughout..

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Important information for CA residents. 


  1. Single Z-strap closures allow for quick and easy adjustability
  2. Medium-tension DTS Active Rands conserve energy for all-day efficiency
  3. Specifically engineered for these shoes, proprietary S-72 rubber delivers excellent grip and durability
  4. Relaxed Performance Fit adds extra space in the toe area for more comfortable foot position with less pressure
  5. PAF (Pressure Absorbing Fit) heel system provides flexibility while reducing pressure on your Achilles tendons
  6. Appropriate for climbers of all abilities
  7. Made in Italy
  8. Vegan

Technical Specs

  1. LastSlip-lasted
  2. UpperSynthetic microsuede
  3. VeganYes
  4. GenderMen's
  5. Outsole4mm S-72 rubber
  6. Best UseRock Climbing
  7. Weight (g)440
  8. Weight (Pair)15.6 ounces
  9. Can Be ResoledYes
  10. Footwear ClosureStrap
  11. Climbing Shoe TypeModerate