Mont Blanc Pro GTX Mountaineering Boots

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Color: Turquoise
Size: 42 EU
Item Conditions

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  1. Excellent ConditionPractically new; likely never worn outside.
  2. Lightly WornTrail-tested a few times; minor wear visible.
  3. Moderately WornUsed for a season; visible wear.
  4. Well WornBroken in; may have a missing part specified in item notes.
Condition:Moderately worn
Used; Minor debris along midsole, toe caps minor debris throughout outsoles, minor scuffs along both vamps, and inner vamps.
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The nitty gritty


  1. Sock-Fit workmanship lowers volume over the instep for a nimble modern feel
  2. Gore-Tex® Insulated Comfort lining and integrated gaiters with double-snap closures keep you prepared for all conditions
  3. Injected directly into the stretch-mesh Schoeller tongues polyurethane RIBS ribbing technology disperses lace pressure for a plush sunrise-to-sunset fit
  4. Micro-pulley hardware provides effortless closure
  5. Total Traction soles offer maximum support and torsional stability
  6. Compatible with automatic and semiautomatic crampons
  7. Boots can be resoled

Technical Specs

  1. Upper3mm suede leather Perwanger HS12/S-tech fabric
  2. GenderWomen's
  3. LiningGore-Tex Insulated Comfort
  4. MidsolePolyurethane/thermoplastic urethane
  5. OutsoleVibram Total Traction rubber
  6. SupportScarpa Sock-Fit DV+ RIBS
  7. Best UseMountaineering
  8. WaterproofYes
  9. Weight (g)1560 grams
  10. Weight (Pair)3 lbs. 7 oz.
  11. Can Be ResoledYes
  12. Footwear HeightOver-the-ankle
  13. Footwear ClosureLace-up
  14. Crampon CompatibilityStep-in
  15. Featured TechnologiesGORE-TEX