Quest Access Custom Heat Ski Boots - Women's

$338.53 - $376.14 used$549.95 new
Color: Anthracite/Black
Size: 23.5 Mondo
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Minor debris at outsoles. Minor scuffs and scratches throughout.
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The nitty gritty


  1. Fully integrated heating system with simple control button and 3 warmth settings ensures maximum warmth for up to 18 hours; uses integrated rechargeable battery
  2. Comfortable liners feature a layer of custom-formable foam that personalizes the fit around your shins
  3. Lightweight polyolefin cuffs combined with even-flexing polyurethane shells deliver the perfect balance of flex and rigidity with minimal weight
  4. Ski / hike mechanism frees the specialized upper cuff from the lower part of the boot with a spring-loaded release to allow comfortable movement for hiking and walking
  5. Innovative V-shaped lower shell and magnesium backbone virtually eliminate flex when backbone is engaged
  6. 104mm footbed accommodates skiers with wide feet and roomy toe box is comfortable all day
  7. 24mm oversized pivot keeps pivot high on boot, driving more power to the ski with less effort
  8. 2 micro aluminum buckles plus adjustable ratchet buckle are lighter weight than traditional buckles and articulate for comfort while hiking
  9. A flex index of 80 provides a soft flex and responsive power transfer appropriate for intermediate skiers
  10. Shell and liner design makes it easier to step into the boot and slide the liner in and out of the boot
  11. 50mm power strap for additional performance and direct energy transmission

Technical Specs

  1. GenderWomen's
  2. Best UseDownhill Skiing
  3. Walk ModeYes
  4. Flex Index80
  5. Last Width104 millimeters
  6. Skill LevelIntermediate
  7. Ski Boot FlexMedium Flex
  8. Liner MaterialThermal-formable foam
  9. Moldable LinerCustom Moldable
  10. Flex AdjustmentYes