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Westerlands Long-Sleeve Shirt - Men's

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Color: Salathe Plaid Thunder Blue
Size: S
Condition:Moderately worn
Minor discoloration on multiple locations. Odor found on item.

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  1. Blend of hemp and organically grown cotton flannel is soft and breathable, but tough enough for days on the trail
  2. Button front, cuffs and chest pocket
  3. Made to reflect our love for people and the planet, including the use of organically grown cotton, which has a lower environmental impact than conventionally farmed cotton
  4. Hemp requires no pesticides and 50% less water to grow than cotton

Technical Specs

  1. HoodNo
  2. Fabric55% hemp/45% organically grown cotton
  3. GenderMen's
  4. WeightUnavailable
  5. Best UseCasual
  6. Fabric TypeCotton / Cotton Blend
  7. Shirt StyleButton-up
  8. Sleeve LengthLong Sleeve
  9. SustainabilityContains organically grown fibers