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Adjustable Tarp Pole - Single

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Color: Mesa Orange
Size: 8 FT
Condition:Excellent condition
Three faint scuffs on tent poles.

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  1. Push-button telescoping end adjusts the 6 ft. pole's length from 60 up to 79 in. and the 8 ft. pole's length from 79 up to 98 in.
  2. Compatible with many tarps and shelters; review the manufacturer information for the awning, tarp or shelter with which you want to use this pole
  3. Shockcorded, 4-section, anodized aluminum pole provides easy setup and folds down to 22 in. for convenient packing
  4. Indexing strip on adjustable section helps line up pushbutton for easy adjustment
  5. Built with a rubber foot for slip resistance at 1 end and a spike on the other to fit in the awning or tarp's grommet
  6. Please note: sold as a single pole; you may need to purchase 2 for the shelter you intend to build

Technical Specs

  1. Weight13 oz.,1 lb. 11 oz.,13 oz. / 1 lb. 11 oz.
  2. Best UseCamping
  3. Dimensions(Length) 60 - 79 in. / (diameter) 19mm,(Length) 79 - 98 in. / (diameter) 28mm
  4. Weight (g)368,368
  5. Material(s)6000-series anodized aluminum