Touch Waterproof Case - iPhone 6/7/8

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Color: Clear
Size: NONE
Condition:Excellent condition

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  1. 4.7 in. MultiTouch HD display allows you to see what you are filming at all times, with full touch-screen accessibility
  2. Free ProShotCase app gives you full control of your iPhone camera using nothing but the volume buttons
  3. Instantly save, edit and share your pictures and videos right from your phone
  4. Case is waterproof down to 50 ft.
  5. Floating hand grip included; use it to let your ProShot float in fresh water or saltwater
  6. Unscrew the hand grip's bottom cap for waterproof storage
  7. Compatible with all GoPro mounts; sold separately

Technical Specs

  1. Weight9.9 ounces
  2. Best UseMultisport
  3. Dimensions7.7 x 7 x 1.5 inches
  4. WaterproofYes
  5. Weight (g)281
  6. Material(s)Silicone rubber/TPU plastic/TBU/ABS/strong thin film
  7. Featured TechnologiesiPhone,GoPro