Remi Waffle Pullover - Women's

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Color: Equinox Blue
Size: XS
Condition:Excellent condition
Faint pilling on multiple locations.

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  1. Recycled polyester/organically grown cotton blend waffle-knit pullover with contrast rib-knit paneling
  2. Dropped shoulder seams
  3. Relaxed fit

Technical Specs

  1. HoodNo
  2. Fabric62% recycled polyester/34% organically grown cotton/4% spandex
  3. GenderWomen's
  4. WeightUnavailable
  5. Best UseCasual
  6. Fabric TypePolyester / Polyester Blend
  7. Shirt StyleScoop
  8. Sleeve LengthLong Sleeve
  9. SustainabilityContains recycled materials,Contains organically grown fibers