Hubba Tour 1 Fast and Light Tent Body

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Color: Red
Size: 1 Person
Condition:Excellent condition
Faint dust on body.

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Important information for CA residents. 


  1. Designed to be used in place of your Hubba Tour 1 tent body, it reduces the weight of your shelter while maintaining the weather protection
  2. Tent body has a bathtub-style floor that guards against side wind and rain splatter, offering more weather protection than a simple footprint-and-rainfly setup
  3. Poles and rainfly not included; this product is designed to be used with your current Hubba Tour 1 tent setup

Technical Specs

  1. Weight8 ounces
  2. Best UseBackpacking
  3. Dimensions88 x 58 inches
  4. Weight (g)227
  5. Material(s)30-denier ripstop nylon
  6. Product LineHubba