Momentous Trail-Running Shoes - Men's

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Color: Olive
Size: 9
Condition:Lightly worn
Minor dust throughout. Minor scuffs on midsoles.

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The nitty gritty


  1. Vibram® Megagrip outsoles with adaptive lugs provide secure grip on uneven terrain
  2. Burrito tongues wrap your feet and provide a more natural fit
  3. TrailProtect™ rock plates help protect feet from trail debris
  4. Knit and thermoplastic polyurethane uppers offer comfort and durability; mesh linings provide breathability
  5. Hyperlock™ thermoplastic polyurethane heel counters enhance stability
  6. Removable polyurethane insoles offer increased responsiveness
  7. Molded EVA midsoles provide increased energy return and comfort

Technical Specs

  1. UpperTextile knit/thermoplastic polyurethane
  2. GenderMen's
  3. LiningMesh
  4. MidsoleEVA
  5. OutsoleRubber
  6. Best UseTrail Running
  7. Rock PlateYes
  8. Weight (g)664
  9. Weight (Pair)1 lb. 8 oz.
  10. Footwear HeightAnkle
  11. Footwear ClosureLace-up
  12. Featured TechnologiesVibram Megagrip
  13. Heel-To-Toe Drop (mm)4
  14. Running Shoe CushioningModerate Cushion
  15. Trail-Running Shoe TypeLight-Trail