Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots - Men's

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Color: Earth
Size: 15
Condition:Moderately worn
Moderate debris, dust and discoloration throughout uppers. Moderate debris and dust at outsoles.

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The nitty gritty

Technical Specs

  1. UpperSuede leather/mesh
  2. GenderMen's
  3. LiningMesh
  4. MidsoleEVA
  5. OutsoleVibram TC5+ rubber
  6. SupportNylon arch shank
  7. Best UseHiking
  8. WaterproofYes
  9. Weight (g)1012
  10. Product LineMoab
  11. Weight (Pair)2 lbs. 4 oz.
  12. SustainabilityContains leather from a tannery rated gold by the Leather Working Group (LWG)
  13. Footwear HeightOver-the-ankle
  14. Footwear ClosureLace-up
  15. Featured TechnologiesVibram
  16. Type Of WaterproofingWaterproof breathable membrane