Maui Jim

Cheetah 5 Polarized Sunglasses - Women's

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Color: Black With Crystal
Size: Neutral Grey
Condition:Excellent condition

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Important information for CA residents. 


  1. A traditionally long and arduous process, ancient kapa technique requires fine craftsmanship to carve intricate geometric patterns
  2. MauiBrilliant lens material features optics nearly as clear as glass with just 1/3 of the weight
  3. PolarizedPlus2® lenses eliminate 100% of UV radiation and provide protection against a number of additional eye stressors
  4. Polarized lenses decrease eye strain by reducing visible glare from water, snow, sand and pavement
  5. Saddle-style keyhole bridge

Technical Specs

  1. GenderWomen's
  2. Best UseCasual
  3. Fit WidthMedium
  4. Lens TintHCL Bronze,Neutral Grey,Maui Rose,Blue Hawaii
  5. PolarizedYes
  6. Base Curve4
  7. Bridge FitStandard Bridge Fit
  8. Lens Width52 millimeters
  9. Lens Height43 millimeters
  10. Bridge Width22 millimeters
  11. PhotochromicNo
  12. Lens MaterialMauiBrilliant
  13. Temple Length146 millimeters
  14. UV Protection100 percent
  15. Frame MaterialAcetate