Chelan Rain Jacket - Women's

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Color: Sprout
Size: XS
Condition:Lightly worn
Faint "X" letter on back under the collar. ".

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The nitty gritty

Technical Specs

  1. HoodYes
  2. FabricNylon
  3. GenderWomen's
  4. Weight11.5 ounces
  5. Best UseHiking
  6. WindproofYes
  7. WaterproofYes
  8. Back LengthHip-length
  9. Fabric TypeNylon / Nylon Blend
  10. VentilationPit Zips
  11. Lining FabricPolytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane
  12. SustainabilityProduct meets the bluesign® criteria
  13. Back Length (in.)27 inches
  14. Type Of Waterproofing3-layer Mammut DRYtechnology Performance waterproof breathable laminate