Vidda BC Cross-Country Ski Boots

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Color: Black
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The nitty gritty


  1. Easy flex and BC outsoles help you handle both flat and rolling terrain
  2. Thinsulate™ insulation keeps your feet warm for all-day adventures
  3. Waterproof liners keeps you protected from the elements
  4. Stitched-on external cuffs and enhanced heel-hold provide stability out of the tracks

Technical Specs

  1. UpperPolyvinyl chloride/thermoplastic polyurethane
  2. GenderUnisex
  3. Best UseCross-country Skiing
  4. InsulatedYes
  5. InsulationThinsulate synthetic fibers
  6. Weight (Pair)Unavailable
  7. Cross-country StyleBackcountry
  8. Binding CompatibilityNNN BC
  9. Featured TechnologiesThinsulate