Horizn Skinny Pants

$31.60 used$79 new
Color: Carbon
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Item Conditions

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  1. Excellent ConditionPractically new; likely never worn outside.
  2. Lightly WornTrail-tested a few times; minor wear visible.
  3. Moderately WornUsed for a season; visible wear.
  4. Well WornBroken in; may have a missing part specified in item notes.
Condition:Excellent condition
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The nitty gritty


  1. Breathable fabric dries quickly and offers UPF 50 sun protection
  2. Soft-shell fabric retains its shape through a range of activities
  3. Low-profile saddle-stitch seams lie flat next to skin
  4. Fitted through hips upper thighs and ankles
  5. Internal drawcord lets you adjust the fit
  6. Articulated legs promote mobility
  7. 2 zippered thigh pockets

Technical Specs

  1. FabricPolyester
  2. GenderWomen's
  3. WeightUnavailable
  4. Best UseClimbing
  5. Pants RiseUnavailable
  6. UPF Rating50
  7. Fabric TypePolyester / Polyester Blend
  8. Inseam (in.)32 inches
  9. Quick DryingYes
  10. Side Cargo PocketsYes
  11. Sun-Protective FabricYes