MICROspikes Traction System - SOLD

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  1. Twelve 3/8 in. hardened stainless-steel spikes per foot dig into icy terrain
  2. Durable harnesses with reinforced eyelets
  3. Integrated toe bails hold spikes securely in place
  4. Ergonomically shaped thermoplastic elastomer harnesses attach securely to a variety of footwear and retain their elasticity down to -22°F (-30°C)
  5. Welded stainless-steel chains for traction and packability
  6. Raised heel tabs for easy on/off
  7. Tote sack included; tote sack measures 5 x 3 x 2 in.
  8. Backpacker magazine Gear Hall of Fame (2017)

Technical Specs

  1. Weight11 ounces,11.9 ounces,13.1 ounces,13.5 ounces
  2. Best UseSnowsports
  3. Top RatedYes
  4. Dimensions5 x 3 x 2 inches
  5. Weight (g)312,338,372,382
  6. Material(s)Thermoplastic elastomer/stainless steel