Explorer Glacier Sunglasses - Men's - SOLD

Color: Black
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  1. Spectron 4 polycarbonate lenses offer 100% UV protection and block 95% of visible light, reducing glare and creating a clear image
  2. Lightweight, tough nylon frames feature a wrap-around design for enhanced grip and staying power
  3. Vents are incorporated into the frame for increased airflow, resulting in less fogging
  4. Gripping, bendable temples allow a snug, comfortable fit and the exclusive material won't stick to hair
  5. Side shields block peripheral light for optimum coverage and protection; can be removed with a snap as needed
  6. Adjustable neck cord attaches to temple ends and the unique clipping system lets it be removed quickly and easily as desired
  7. Includes a zippered semi-hard shell case for secure storage in backpack or when traveling

Technical Specs

  1. GenderMen's
  2. Best UseMountaineering
  3. Lens TintBrown
  4. Lens MaterialPolycarbonate
  5. UV Protection100 percent
  6. Frame MaterialNylon
  7. Light Transmission5 percent
  8. Additional Lenses IncludedNone