Z/Eddy X1 Sandals - Men's

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Color: Saguaro Brindle
Size: 13
Condition:Excellent condition

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The nitty gritty


  1. Quick-drying polyester Jacquard webbing is securely fixed to the midsoles
  2. Fixed Z straps with injection-molded ladder lock buckle ensures your selected fit stays put
  3. Durable high-tension webbing heel risers adjust to your needs
  4. Men-specific LUVSEAT™ EVA midsoles provide contoured arch support and are certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association
  5. Nonmarking ChacoGrip™ outsoles have diamond-shaped 2.5mm lugs for aggressive grip on dirt and rocks so you can freely explore your surroundings
  6. Outsoles have 15% recycled rubber content
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Technical Specs

  1. UpperPolyester Jacquard webbing
  2. GenderMen's
  3. MidsoleLUVSEAT™ polyurethane
  4. OutsoleNonmarking ChacoGrip™ Ecotread 15% recycled rubber
  5. TopsoleLUVSEAT™ polyurethane
  6. Best UseMultisport,Watersports
  7. Weight (g)664 grams
  8. Toe CoverageOpen Toe
  9. Weight (Pair)1 lb. 7.4 oz
  10. Footwear ClosureStrap