Evolution S3 Neck Pillow

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Color: Steel
Size: NONE
Condition:Excellent condition
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  1. Headrest-support straps attach to the airplane seat wings and effectively prevent your head from falling forward or sideways
  2. Straps are adjustable for use in 2 different positions to fit different heights
  3. High-quality memory foam
  4. Removable, washable cover
  5. Raised sides provide total neck and head support
  6. Adjustable front clasp offers a secure, comfortable fit
  7. Zippered case offers compact storage

Technical Specs

  1. FillMemory foam
  2. Weight12 ounces
  3. Best UseTravel
  4. Dimensions10 x 9.5 x 5 inches
  5. Weight (g)340
  6. Material(s)Nylon/closed-cell foam
  7. Pillow FillSynthetic
  8. Pillow TypeNeck Pillow
  9. Stuff Sack IncludedYes