Baby Bogs Dino Boots - Infants'/Toddlers'

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Color: Black Multi
Size: 4 Kids
Condition:Excellent condition

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The nitty gritty


  1. 100% waterproof upper combines with 3mm Neo-Tech™ waterproof insulation to keep feet dry and warm; handles and back hook-and-loop straps make them simple to get on/off
  2. Cozy and plush Bogs Max-Wick™ lining moves sweat away from feet to keep them from feeling clammy
  3. DuraFresh organic biotechnology activates to fight unwanted odors
  4. Comfort rated to 14°F (-10°C)
  5. Machine washable

Technical Specs

  1. UpperRubber/textile
  2. GenderToddlers',Infants'
  3. LiningTextile
  4. OutsoleRubber
  5. Best UseMultisport
  6. InsulatedYes
  7. Insulation3mm Neo-Tech neoprene
  8. WaterproofYes
  9. Weight (Pair)Unavailable
  10. Footwear HeightOver-the-ankle
  11. Footwear ClosureSlip-on
  12. Footwear Height (in.)5 inches
  13. Type Of WaterproofingWaterproof construction
  14. Boot Shaft Circumference (in.)7 inches