Alta Via GTX Mountaineering Boots

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Color: Black/Green
Size: 6
Item Conditions

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  1. Excellent ConditionPractically new; likely never worn outside.
  2. Lightly WornTrail-tested a few times; minor wear visible.
  3. Moderately WornUsed for a season; visible wear.
  4. Well WornBroken in; may have a missing part specified in item notes.
Condition:Lightly worn
Used; Minor stain along toe cap and vamp. minor stain along right cuff.
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The nitty gritty


  1. Insulated with PrimaLoft® synthetic insulation and lined with Gore-Tex® membranes for 3-season warmth and protection from the elements
  2. Injection-molded thermoplastic urethane lateral shells are positioned alongside the lateral rubber rand locks to provide enhanced support and protection
  3. Rubber heel protectors provide effective heel locking and support while maintaining the ideal heel shape
  4. Compatible with automatic step-in crampons (sold separately) for light mountaineering ascents or technical ice climbing

Technical Specs

  1. UpperPerwanger leather
  2. GenderWomen's
  3. LiningGore-Tex waterproof breathable membrane/textile
  4. MidsolePolyurethane
  5. OutsoleVibram rubber
  6. SupportDuo Asoflex with nylon fiberglass/EVA
  7. Best UseMountaineering
  8. WaterproofYes
  9. Weight (g)1960 grams
  10. Weight (Pair)4 lbs. 4.3 oz.
  11. Footwear HeightOver-the-ankle
  12. Footwear ClosureLace-up
  13. Crampon CompatibilityStep-in
  14. Featured TechnologiesPrimaLoft,Gore-Tex