Captive Polo Shirt - Men's

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Color: Tui
Size: XL
Condition:Well worn
Heavy stains throughout.

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  1. Blend of cotton, polyester and spandex is lightweight, breathable and quick drying
  2. Gusseted underarms allow freedom of movement
  3. The Arc'teryx Captive Polo Shirt has a relaxed fit

Technical Specs

  1. HoodNo,No
  2. Fabric60% cotton/35% polyester/5% spandex
  3. GenderMen's
  4. Best UseTravel
  5. Shirt TypePolo
  6. Fabric TypeCotton / Cotton Blend
  7. Shirt StylePolo
  8. Fabric StyleOther
  9. Quick DryingYes
  10. Sleeve LengthShort Sleeve
  11. Moisture WickingYes