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Making Gear That Lasts

We seek to provide our members with great gear that stands the test of time. Maximizing a product's lifespan is one of the best ways to reduce its environmental impact. With innovative business models, we also aim to make high-quality gear available at lower price points to improve outdoor experiences regardless of economic status.

Maximizing the life of a product is one of the best ways to reduce environmental impact. It can also help get more people outdoors by reducing financial costs. That's a win-win-win in our book.

Most traditional businesses that create and sell products use linear supply chain models that take, make, use and dispose of materials. The "circular economy" is a model that disrupts that process by extending the life cycle of products, increasing efficiency in how we use finite resources – such as petroleum-based materials – and promoting the recycling of products at the end of their life.

This way of doing business has far-reaching implications that are beginning to influence the outdoor industry. REI believes the circular economy is a promising model that can help reduce waste and increase efficiency in how we use our planet’s resources. That’s why the co-op is using this model to rethink its offerings and prioritize quality gear that can be used again and again.

The co-op provides a number of services to extend the life of our products. Some of these are long-running programs that are core to our role as a co-op. Others are relatively new services that we are focused on growing.



Garage Sales and Used Gear Online

Outdoor gear can be expensive, and sometimes what you buy might not work out as you had hoped. Through our satisfaction guarantee, we take that product back and resell it via our famous Garage Sales, or online through our recently launched used gear site. This ensures that lightly used outdoor gear stays out of landfills and continues to deliver value to our members. While Garage Sales are one-day events at our stores, the online used gear site, launched in 2017, provides an always-on way to access handpicked and inspected used outdoor gear and apparel. This year, REI members will score great deals on nearly 1 million pieces of gently used gear through our Garage Sales and our used gear site, allowing more people to get outside, more cheaply and more sustainably.



Our gear rentals in select stores give members and customers an affordable way to try out a new activity or use a pay-as-you-play model whenever they get the urge to go outside. By making rentals available where there is demand, we give people an affordable way to try out the gear they need for hiking, backpacking, climbing, camping, cycling, paddling, skiing, snowshoeing and mountaineering – while minimizing financial cost and environmental impact.


Expert Advice Articles and Videos

REI is a leading source for expert outdoor knowledge you can trust. We strive to provide information to learn new skills, choose great gear, prep for your trips and have amazing adventures. We have expanded on our extensive library of gear care and repair guidance to help maximize the lifetime of our high-quality products and minimize environmental impacts. We how have over 60 articles and videos, from how to repair a tent to replacing your bike chainrings.


Shop Services & Product Repairs

For some product repairs, it’s better to have an expert do the repair than try to do it yourself. REI offers in-house maintenance and repair services for skis, snowboards and bikes. We’ve also partnered with several third-party organizations to provide high-quality repair services for common product categories, including apparel and fabrics, footwear and tent poles. Customers can find more information about how to get products repaired here.


Give Back Box

Even after a long life full of outdoor adventures – and perhaps a repair or two and several owners – every product ultimately reaches the end of its life. REI is committed to minimizing waste and helping keep products out of landfills. To help us fulfill this commitment, we have partnered with Give Back Box, an organization that makes it easy for customers to donate their products when they are done using them.