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Trip Planning Coach

Our Trip Planning Coaches offer free, no-strings-attached advice on preparing for outdoor adventures. Whatever your experience, goals, or group size, we can help you get ready to get out. Whether it’s your first hike or a once-in-a-lifetime trip, we're ready to talk you through it. Book a free 30-minute coaching session with an REI Co-op expert today.

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  • Running Shoe Fit

    Personalized fit with a certified Coach, Running gear, shoe selection

  • Trip Consultation

    Plan your next trip with REI!

  • Cross Country & Snowshoe Outfitting

    Skis, snowshoes, boot fitting, accessories, etc

  • Ski & Snowboard Outfitting

    Skis, snowboards, boot fitting, bindings, etc.

  • Car Rack Outfitting Appointment

    Roof racks, hitch racks, cartop boxes, etc.

  • Climbing Outfitting Appointment

    Climbing Harnesses, ropes, shoes, etc

  • Camping & Backpacking

    Backpacks, tents, electronics, etc.

  • Paddling

    Kayaks, paddle boards, canoes, racks, etc.

  • Apparel and Travel Gear

    Apparel, travel, etc.

  • Hiking Footwear Fitting

    Hiking boot selection and fit, hiking gear.

  • Cycling

    Types of bikes, bike fit, bike racks, etc.

Coaching sessions are free: our only goal is to help you get outside.

Combining expertise with warmth and curiosity, our coaches are the go-to outdoor friend you've always wanted. They can help you:
  • Be prepared for everything from weather to wildlife.
  • Know what you need to book or buy ahead of time.
  • Choose activities to suit everyone in your group.
  • Identify and find any gear you’ll need.
  • Discover must-see local attractions.
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How it works

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Tell us a bit about your idea and we’ll match you with an expert trained to help you plan for a safe, fun, and fulfilling adventure.

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Your coach will suggest locations, activities, gear, passes and permits—and follow up with all the information you discussed.

Get ready

Use your personalized information and checklists from your coach to gather your gear and get organized.

Customer reviews

What others are saying about virtual consultations:

"We were amazed at how knowledgeable, how friendly, and how willing to answer all our questions Julie was. This was hugely helpful in starting a new hobby."

Customer review

"Before my appointment with Kevin I was terrified about my trip. I felt like I had no idea what I was really stepping into. After our appointment I am feeling confident and excited. This service was invaluable to me!"

Customer review

"Carlos went above and beyond. He took the time to explain everything to me on a wide range of topics to make sure I knew what to look for and what works best for my needs. I felt very comfortable asking questions."

Customer review

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