REI Outdoor School Private and Group Programs

Book a Class or Day Trip Just for Your Group or for Yourself!

A shared REI Outdoor School Class or Day Trip might just be one of the best group-bonding experiences. If you've got a crew of employees who deserve a special reward or a gang of gung-ho family members who are just itching to have a fun outdoor adventure €”consider an REI Outdoor School private course or day trip. Do you want to have one-on-one time with one of our professional instructors? REI Outdoor School offers private departures of any of our public courses and we can customize our courses to your needs.

For questions or to set up a private class and/or outing, email us at

What are private courses and day trips, exactly?

A private course is a specially arranged REI Outdoor School class that's just for you and your group. It focuses on teaching you the skills you and/your team may need to gain confidence in the outdoors. A private day trip is a fun trip focused on exploring a great local destination by bike, kayak or foot. You can set up a private departure for most of the classes and day trips we offer.

Who should consider private courses or day trip?

You can set up a private program for any group or occasion. Here's a list of some the most popular types of private departures we offer:

  • Corporate Team Building: Are you looking for a unique way to build your team? Try a day out climbing, or a paddle in one of our local waterways. Or we can arrange a team geocaching challenge called our "Ultimate Treasure Hunt". Nothing helps you connect better as a team than spending a day outdoors.
  • Clubs and other special groups: We've worked with Seniors looking to get out snowshoeing in the winter, Girl Scouts wanting to learn to climb, Nonprofits and government agencies looking for outdoor education partnerships, Spanish language groups, and more!
  • Programs for Youth: We help bring your classroom lessons to life in the outdoors. We engage young people in the natural world, give them opportunities to work as a team and most of all help them have fun while learning! We will partner with you to ensure our curriculum meets your teaching outcomes.
  • Celebrating a life milestone: Imagine you and your friends celebrating your 40th birthday on a kayak in Boston Harbor or Monterrey Bay! Do you want to do something different for your child's birthday? Try a day out geocaching or climbing!
  • Family trips: Round up the clan and have a fun day out rock climbing, kayaking or snowshoeing (or any of our courses designed for your family)! We've got all the equipment and professional instruction to make your day a great bonding experience.
  • Independent Learners: Want to dive deep into your GPS unit, practice your climbing anchors, or your t-rescue in a kayak? Do you have more questions even after you've taken a course? We can schedule one-on-one time with you and one of our instructors in any of the class topics we instruct.

Are private courses available for small families or groups?

Yes! We can adapt our courses to a variety of group sizes. Just identify the class you'd like to participate in and contact us at

Can I book a course or day trip for my group on dates that aren't listed online?

Yes. In fact, we prefer to run private programs on dates other than those advertised online.

Is the cost of private trips the same as your regular trips?

It depends on the size of your group and the amount of time for the class or trip. We work with our clients to ensure the best possible pricing for a quality experience.

Are the lessons and locations for private classes and trips the same as regular REI Outdoor School courses?

Yes. You won't miss a thing!

Is it difficult to arrange a private departure?

Not at all. Just contact us to get things in motion. We'll help you sign up your group, get you all the forms necessary and make sure you are ready for your class or trip.

Policies and payment

When you arrange a private program, payment and cancellation policies will vary from normal trip policies. Please contact us for more details.

Contact us to learn more

Our Outdoor Program Specialists would be happy to help you arrange a private departure. Just email us at