Force of Nature Film Night at Common Block Brewing Co.

8:00 PM  –  10:00 PM

Common Block Brewing Co.

Registration closed

  • Group size: 100
  • Instructor: REI Specialist

At REI we believe the outdoors is--and should always be--the world's largest level playing field. So, tonight we're telling stories of Women - of adventurers, makers and rule breakers; of risk takers and boat rockers. This evening, we will showcase a series of short films produced by REI and friends of Common Block Brewery that champion Women in the Outdoors. When we take an honest look at the outdoor stories we tell and the heroes we typically herald, we see that as an industry, we are not championing women and men equally. A casual look at any portrayal of the outdoors--movie, magazine, catalog, store, bookshelf--shows male imagery, heroes and stories. This doesn't honor or accurately depict the important role that women play in the outdoors. As the saying goes, "You can't be what you can't see." We believe we can do better and that the time is now. Full menu of food and beverages will be available during movie showing. Only those 21 and older may purchase and consume alcahol.

Common Block Brewing Co.

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