Devil's Toll Hike & Run Race

8:00am4:00pm Central Time


  • Instructor Ozark Trail Assocation

The event traverses from the highest point in Missouri, the Taum Sauk Mountain down past the beautiful Mina Sauk falls and through the rock formation known as the Devil's Toll Gate. then climbs over and around Proffit and Wildcat Mountains with a tricky descent past the famous Scour of Taum Sauk reservoir. Race finishes with an amazing Black River crossing at Johnson Shut-ins State Park. What makes this more intriguing is the team style concept! Participants can opt for the running version or the hiking version. You will have the option to participate as part of a male, female, or coed running team OR hiking team. The event will be capped at 300 participants. Runners prepare to engage in a rough and rugged portion of Ozark Trail where 1,400' of elevation over 13 miles may seem like a cake walk, but fear not there is enough rock to keep you rolling, enough hills to keep you panting, a few turns to keep you thinking and when rhythm comes to your stride prepare to lose it again as the rocky and technical terrain will let you know that won't be happening often! Prepare for a gorgeous hike with some of the most amazing vistas, history and flora/fauna.