Ride4Reparations - Racial Covenants and Housing Segregation

Join the Ride4Reparations 15 mile bike tour of the Twin Cities highlighting the story and history of covenanted housing communities in Minneapolis. Learn about who could, and more importantly who could not, purchase houses in what neighborhoods and why. Riders will trace the early history of racial covenants in Minneapolis. The educational component of the ride will be led by Penny Petersen, of the University of Minnesota's Mapping Prejudice Project. The ride has a suggested ticket price of $75.00 to cover costs and to help support Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ). Please consider joining: if you love to ride your bike, you enjoy the company of positive people, you understand that the wealth and power of America is largely the result the labor of millions of enslaved people who were not paid for their work, you understand that the many problems in America's Black communities are the legacy of slavery, and/or you appreciate why an organization like Northside Achievement Zone is important to support financially and that doing so is just one way to make reparations.


session available

  • Saturday

    Aug 21, 2021
    10:00am–3:00pm CT

    McRae Park