Virtual: The Trouble with Wolves Online Screening and Q&A

The Trouble with Wolves is the acclaimed debut film from native Northwest independent filmmaker, Collin Monda, that dives deep into what coexistence really looks like with the iconic apex predator. Five years in the making, the 57-minute documentary centers around the ongoing battle for balance between wolf advocates and those most affected by their predatory nature. Once exterminated from the lower 48 states, wolves have made a triumphant return to Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding states. Hailed as, 'the greatest animal conservation success in human history,' to many others living in the areas affected, the story is dramatically different. There is a reason wolves have been, and continue to be, the world's most controversial predator. The question remains: Do they deserve a place on this landscape? Please join us for this virtual live-streamed screening and Q&A from the comfort of your home! All proceeds go to Wolf Haven and a LIVE VIRTUAL Q&A will be following the screening with CDFW Wolf Lead Expert Specialist - Kent Laudon and Wolf Haven Executive Director - Diane Gallegos!

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