Virtual Clean-Up Challenge San Diego River

Join the San Diego River Park Foundation in making a resolution to safely get outside while making a difference for the San Diego River! For now, these are self-guided as all group clean-up gatherings are paused, so your help is more important than ever! Every year, tens of thousands of pounds of trash wash into the riverbed from neighborhoods and canyons in the community. So help get out (and get some exercise at the same time) by hitting the sidewalk, trail, or walkway with a trash bag! Join now through June 30, 2021. Anyone can take part in this effort, and please visit the attached link for further information, gear you'll need what to take with you, competition details, and safety notes. Cleaning with a buddy is always best as it's safer and more fun! With COVID-19 guidelines in mind, always make sure to choose a buddy from your household or pod.


session available

  • Wednesday

    Jun 30, 2021

    Cost: free!

    Virtual Programming Promoted by the San Diego Area