Trailhead Ambassadors Program Zoom Info Session #1



  • Instructor Mountains to Sound Greenway

Trailhead Ambassadors are part of a program designed to equip Snoqualmie Corridor trail visitors with information needed for a safe, informed, and positive experience when using trails in the region. This program formed to ensure long term use and sustainable treatment of our public lands, specifically trails. Volunteer Trailhead Ambassadors will serve as a welcoming entity at popular trailheads to answer trail and trailhead related questions, promote responsible hiker ethics like Leave No Trace, and collect trail use information for agencies and nonprofits. This informational session is for anyone interested in learning more about Trailhead Ambassadors, specifically to learn about the program and the roles of a Trailhead Ambassador volunteer! The webinars will be hosted, live, by members from the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust, The Mountaineers, Issaquah Alps Trails Club, and Washington State Parks! Registration is required, and both webinars will be recorded. Follow the links below to learn more and sign up!

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    This is an online/virtual event, not an exact location. Please do not go to these coordinates.