Virtual: Going Big with Hana Beaman, Emily Harrington and Sachi Cunningham

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  • Instructor Hanna Beaman, Emily Harrington, and Sachi Cunningham

When we see a massive avalanche-prone mountain, sheer rock face, or thirty-foot waves, most of us admire them from a safe distance. Not Hana Beaman, Emily Harrington and Sachi Cunningham. We'll chat with Beaman about her backcountry runs on the Natural Selection Tour. Harrington will recount becoming the first woman to free-climb the Golden Gate route of El Capitan in under 24 hours. Cunningham will share stories from capturing the massive swells at Mavericks this season. The event will be moderated by journalist, Margaret Seelie. Join REI in this virtual event on Wednesday, March 17 at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET. to hear these women's stories.

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