Nature Journaling: Finding Your Inner Voice Outside

  • Participants

    Age 13 and up

  • Fitness level : 1


Connect with nature in your own words though this nature journaling experience. Our guides will provide you with an opportunity to take a deep breath, and express yourself while writing in the outdoors. Inspired by beautiful scenery, you will engage in some guided mental exercises and then have the freedom to create your own journal entries with the provided outdoor journal. Whether you decide to express yourself through poetry, prose, or short's up to you to reveal the way you see and feel the natural world in words. All provided writing supplies for this experience--along with the tips and guidance shared by the instructor--are yours to keep for future adventures!

Gear provided by REI

  • Group First Aid Kit - Contents include wound care items and over the counter medications for minor injuries and illnesses
  • Notebook and Pen or Pencil

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