Virtual: The More You Snow--Stories of Black History in Snowsports

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  • Instructor REI + Experts

Join REI for a virtual panel discussion as we explore the intersection between Black History and snowsports. Hear from our experts: Dr. Gerilyn Davis, chief inclusion officer of Inclusion on the Slopes; Henri Rivers, president of the National Brotherhood of Skiers; and Lamont Joseph White, artist behind Skiing in Color as they dispel the myth that Black people don't ski. Get ready to hear how Dr. Gerilyn Davis was inspired by "the feeling of gliding down a mountain" to spread the joy of skiing to more families and kids, through her work with Inclusion on the Slopes. Henri Rivers will share his story of how he started to ski at a young age--hiking up the mountain to ski down on wooden skis and is now presiding over the National Brotherhood of Skiers. Learn how, through painting the representation he wanted to see on the slopes, Lamont Joseph White was able to meet Black skiers and snowboarders who found joy on the mountain just like he does. Our expert guests tell the untold and real Black history of the slopes: past, present, and for the future.

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