Virtual: NWAC Laying Tracks Avalanche Safety Series



  • Instructor Northwest Avalanche Center

Join Northwest Avalanche Center's staff and learn the fundamentals around travel in the wintertime backcountry. Each Zoom Meeting will focus on a skill that helps you build a travel plan and understand your resources for traveling in avalanche terrain. Workshops are dynamic and interactive, providing opportunities to ask all your questions of the professionals at NWAC. During this workshop, NWAC forecasters will help you navigate and become more familiar with NWAC's avalanche forecasts. In this session, participants will engage in a technology driven activity that helps identify key take-aways from the NWAC Avalanche Forecasts and how to best use the forecast as a tool you can apply to your wintertime objectives. Course fee is $15 for NWAC Members, and $25 for non-NWAC-Members.

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    This is an online/virtual event, not an exact location. Please do not go to these coordinates.