Virtual: Six Cleanup Challenge with SD Coastkeeper



  • Instructor San Diego Coastkeeper

Despite the ecological and community importance of our open spaces, we continue to find trash and pollution in our waterways. To combat this growing issue, SD Coastkeeper is launching a new way to clean up our communities by choosing to #OptOutside! The Six Cleanup Challenge engages San Diegans to explore and protect our precious ecosystems, and the wildlife that depends on it while collecting important community science data on plastic and other waste throughout our watershed. Using the Litterati app, participants can geo-tag photos of trash, capturing critical data on plastic and other waste. Data captured from these cleanups can make the plastic and other waste problem measurable, help advocate for systems change, and develop solutions to the pollution problem in San Diego. Challenge sites are categorized into four groups: Coastal, River and Creeks, Metropolitan Parks, and Trails. Select 2 sites from 3 categories and undertake cleanups at 6 sites within a year from the first cleanup. Rally a buddy, family, or housemates and take the Challenge. Together, from a distance, we can positively impact our communities and environment across the watershed and coastline of SD County.

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