Herstory in Almaden Valley: The Ranchera of Rancho San Vicente

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  • Instructor Peninsula Open Space Trust

Join Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) online along with Santa Clara County Parks in welcoming Jenny Clendenen, a long-time Almaden Valley resident and POST supporter, to hear about her new book MINE: El Despojo de Maria Zacarias Bernal de Berreyesa. Learn the amazing local history of this Spanish matriarch, whose Californio family helped settle the whole Bay Area, and whose husband and father held vast parts of south San Jose. These lands included Rancho San Vicente located in Almaden Valley, a portion of which was protected by POST and is now the newest addition to Calero County Park. After two American "heroes" showed up in the late 1840s, followed by the Gold Rush invasion, Zacarias's fortunes changed. She lost ten of eleven beloved men, her longhorn cattle ranch, and the Almaden quicksilver mines--but not before taking her case to the U.S. Supreme Court. The landscape of Zacarias's Rancho San Vicente had been Clendenen's refuge for decades. When she discovered what had happened to Maria Zacarias, Jenny knew her story had to be told.