Backyard, Backcountry, Backup:Goal Zero Cooking Demo with Sasquatch BBQ

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  • Instructor Goal Zero

Join REI and Goal Zero to explore the many uses of Goal Zero portable power solutions with celebrity grill master, Matt Crawford @SasquatchBBQ. Known for his creative off-grid grilling, Matt will broadcast live from his backyard and show us how to take advantage of Goal Zero power solutions to cook up your tastiest meals. Whether in your backyard or the backcountry, Goal Zero's portable power is there as your backup power source. Follow along in your own backyard, kitchen or patio as Matt prepares a mouth-watering BBQ dinner, while also highlighting how Goal Zero products make it all possible. Matt's ingredient list will be emailed to you before the event so you can follow along and make your own tasty creation! Both meat and vegetables will be served to suit all tastes. Following the cooking demo, Matt will answer all your questions about grilling, cooking and Goal Zero products.


    4pm PT/7pm ET

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